BEF Office

Contact & Reference Material

Turnaround Time

Calendar Requests


Refer to BEF Events Process


5 – 7 Business Days
Show Schedules (review & email to membership)







Samantha Cooper – 

eventsbef@gmail.comRefer to BEF Events Process






Turnaround Time: Please submit your Show Schedule to be reviewed by the BEF Rules Committee a minimum of 21 days before your scheduled show.

Your schedule will be reviewed within 7 business days of your submission.

NEC Facilities Requests


Colin Mello – 


Reimbursements/Payment of Invoices


Helen James – 


Invoices settled monthly & must be submitted prior to the 15th of each month


Immigration – Letters of Permission 


Elka Gibbs – elkagbef@gmail.comRefer to BEF Events Process


Minimum 5 weeks


Membership Renewals



Samantha Cooper – – Refer to BEF Membership Form


Prior to August 30th Deadline



FEI Letter of support, horse & rider registrations, show entries & course registrations


Jaime Masters – 


Minimum 7 business days


Horse Passport Requests


Jaime Masters – 


8 – 12 weeks


BEF Junior Volunteers


Elka Gibbs – elkagbef@gmail.comComplete Form Here


Within 14 days from date of service






Event Organizers etc. to provide Elka Gibbs with Info/Results to enable articles/submissions to be prepared for the local media outlets, Hoof Prints, BEF Facebook as well as for the BEF Monthly report to the Dept. of Youth and Sports

Elka Gibbs –